Why did this grandmother disappear? She was one of elderly who go missing in U.S.

On May 2, 2008, at 11:30 a.m, in Holden, Louisiana, fifty-eight-year-old Barbara Ann Blount spoke to her neighbor by telephone, saying she was cleaning her kitchen. After she hung up the phone, Barbara Blount has never been heard from again. She became one of the 62, 371 females over 21 who are missing in the United States.
Barbara Blount pre-2008
Barbara's phone was found lying on the floor with the battery pulled out. There were pots and pans stacked neatly on the kitchen floor. Valuables left in plain view indicated robbery was not the motive. The front door was open. Her 2006 silver Toyota Camry was found parked hidden in a wooded area about 4:15 p.m. on the day of her disappearance. Her credit cards were never used after she went missing, she was a cautious person who kept her doors locked, and she stayed in contact with her family. She was a popular Sunday school teacher, neighbor, and friend. Therefore, law enforcement places her on the "Endangered Missing" status, where Barbara Ann Blount remains.
An adult between ages 18-65 is listed as "Endangered Missing" if they have a medical condition or are missing under circumstances that indicate they may be in danger. As Alzheimer's and dementia play a significant role in the cases of older missing persons, many missing persons over a certain age will fall under this category.
Barbara Blount pre-2008

No organization breaks down missing persons by specific age; files are divided by ages "under 21" and "21 and over." NamUS breaks down search criteria for unidentified persons to include "pre-70 and "pre-90." There are 1,088 unidentified persons within these ages, but "missing persons" in this age group are unknown.
There are particular search types for missing persons; for example, the Silver Alert system was created to broadcast the information on missing senior citizens on media. While there are no national statistics for its success, the states utilizing the SIlver Alert report a high rate of success in locating the missing senior. Yet it is not used in all states.
Barbara Blount is about 5'6, 140lbs,
hazel eyes, both ears pierced. DOB 3/29/50
Despite multiple searches and an ongoing investigation; Barbara Blount remains one of the lost, the "Endangered Missing." She is one of the unknown numbers of senior citizens who families grieve for, wondering where their loved one could be. Law enforcement officials have utilized specific tactics for searching for older persons to no avail. The bottom line is: where is Barbara Ann Blount?

If you have ANY information as to the whereabouts of Barbara Ann Blount call 225-938-4323. You can remain anonymous.