Death by Poodle: Dog kills three in fall

Three people and a dog were killed in a strange chain of events that sound like a bizarre urban legend. The story is true. It starts with a little poodle and ends in a Buenos Aires hospital morgue.

Cachy (Also listed as “Cachi”), the poodle was the Montoya family’s pet. They lived in a 13th-floor apartment in Caballito, Buenos Aires, at the corner of Rivadavia and Morelos streets. 

On the morning of October 21, 1988, Cachy was playing on the balcony of the apartment. Somehow he slipped through the railing and fell, twisting in the air for 13 stories. At the same time, seventy-five-year-old Marta Espina was walking around the corner at Rivadavia and Morelos streets. Espina carried her shopping bag and was just passing an Armenian carpet house with a stained glass window. A witness would later say Espina was speaking with another woman and they exchanged spaces on the sidewalk seconds before the incident. 

Cachy landed on Espina's head, killing both the woman and the dog instantly. The photo, left, shows Cachy's fall.

A forty-six-year-old woman named Edith Sola witnessed Cachy landing square atop Espina’s skull from across Rivadavia street. Without watching traffic, Sola stepped out of a gathering crowd to race across the street. Tires screeched, and vehicles swerved, but a bus driver could not avoid hitting the woman. Edith Sola was killed instantly. 

An unnamed man had just stepped out of a pharmacy on the same corner to witness the immediate deaths of Espina and Sola. Horrified, the man fell to his knees and then began clutching his chest. By the time the ambulance arrived, he was suffering a full-scale heart attack. The man died before he arrived at the closest hospital.

The story made headlines in Argentina’s capital city and made the news in numerous papers across the states, including The Daily Oklahoman and The San Francisco Examiner. 



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